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Default Re: fishing with your significant other

For 10 years, my wife has been going along on the trips, enjoying the camping and travelling, going on some floats, reading the book, taking pictures, etc. She has stood along side me or watched from the boat as fish came up to take a fly for years and years. Last fall, she said she'd like to learn to fly fish herself! So, I got her a rod/reel for Christmas, and am going to pay another guide/instructor to teach her the basics so we don't kill each other right off the bat! I've already spoken to a couple of guides, women, who she said she'd be comfortable with. She's already eyeing waders, vests, wading shoes, fly boxes, etc.

Whether she will "catch" on and become a flyfisherwoman, time will only tell. Some have it, some don't.

Mcnerney, who did you use specifically? I'm in the Flaming Gorge area and was going to use this as an "excuse" for an early-spring trip to Montana so I could fish the spring creeks for a few days while my wife fished with her guide/casting instructor. I found a lady in Bozeman who sounds friendly and competent, but it might be easier for me to keep it closer to home.

I DON'T want her learning from a nymph/lead/bobber person. She can play with those all she wants, and develop her own likes/dislikes, AFTER she learns to cast and present a single fly tied to a tippet! (We won't take this post there, but I just want her to learn to fly cast, not "sling" and "lob", before she worries about all that other junk on the line and the "best" way to catch the "most" fish, and all that other nonsense)

I could set her up with someone on the Green below the dam nearly anytime, but I don't know anyone down there who's a patient casting teacher and not "married" to the bobber.
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