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Ohio has Smallmouths but the Bass fishing there is easily 90% LM fishing and the bulk of those will range from 12 inches to 4lbs with an occasional 5-7 lb fish and a very occasional larger one. A nice thing though is that the same water that holds LM Bass also holds Carp to 35 lbs and larger, Buffalo, Pike, Muskies, Several species of Cats plus a full range of the sunfish/bluegill family along with perch and crappies. To make the story shorter--bring any rod you might have as you can easily find a target species that matches that rod, including Bass.

During the early 50s much of Ohio was populated with farm ponds and most of them have the fish mentioned above. plus many of the farm pond owners signed a fishing agreement for the public when the pond was built. Better than that most pond owners will allow fishing if you (1) help weed out overpopulated and stunted bluegills, or will give them a nice catch of fish for supper. Since it is a contained body of water you might not need a large capacity reel since even a click pawl reel will cover a small pond nicely. Same goes with rod weight. In several of the SE Ohio ponds where I routinely fish, my favorite rod is my three weigh since I target and catch big bluegills more often than bass but it will handle even the 7 lb Bass I caught a couple years back, with ease, in the small pond where I was fishing. In short thus far I've found use for and fished with everything from my 12 weight (heavy water, ohio river and stripers to my three weight for the panfish) Were I to narrow the rod equation down to just a couple an eight weight and a five weight would work just fine!

A great site for Ohio fly fishing info: Fly Tying and Fishing Articles, Videos and Podcasts from Fly Fish Ohio Fishing Species and Techniques
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