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Default Re: Sage Rod Chart Old to New

Just adding a bit to the data base.

As Mike points out, there were two different Sage LL series releases. The first was out somewhere during the run of the graphite II RP and its blank stated that it was graphite II. The second was introduced during the run of the graphite III RPL ( Reserve Power Light ) and it’s blank also stated it was graphite III. If you had both generations of LL’s say in a nine foot, five weight configuration you’d be able to notice the butt diameter difference foreword of the cork ( The G II versions butt would be thicker ). The action of the graphite II LL was stiffer than it’s successor and the G II's were heavier. Actually, there were three LL series of rods, if we include the re-release of select models ( I think the 389-3 or 389-4 was one of them ) of the G III's that were produced as a special run some years after the G III's were discontinued.

But then if we include those LL's, we might as well say that there were two XP series', since a special run of limited models were produced for two retailers ( One being Cabela's, a sponsor here ), well after the original XP's had been discontinued from the Sage line-up.

A rod that is missing from the list was only around for a short while. It was the MA series or Medium Action and was only available in a few models. It utilized an unsanded gray blank, and very simple hardware. It was basically an entry level rod that came in at around $125.00 mark. If memory serves, it was out near the end of the RP’s reign or possibly early in the RPL's time..

Then there is the one pictured here. It’s an early Graphite I series and it has no series designation. From memory, it predates the RP. For those that don’t know, the letter “B” that follows the word Graphite simply designates that it was produced to be sold as a Blank and not a factory finished rod. This particular blank was rescued from a closeout bin at Pete Wooley’s old shop, Fly Fishing Outfitters ( Now known as Leland’s, a sponsor here. ) in San Francisco, CA in 1985 and was built and fished for a few years. It’s currently slated for a rebuilt, whenever I get around to it….although I’ve been saying that now for quite a few years.

Bogged down in minutia, TT

Click the image to open in full size.

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