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Default Re: Targus Gary Borger light touch fly rod

The Targus Borger rods have been out of production for several years. I have the 9 foot 8 and 9 weights in the Targus Gary Borger Pro series. I like them a lot for their purpose -- but it is a much more robust type of fishing than spring creeks. Have not cast anything in the Light Touch series, but back when they were still in production I remember seeing some comments on discussion boards to the effect that the Light Touch rods were even nicer than the Pro rods. Well balanced, nicely finished, delicate, easy casting. Only passing along what I heard elsewhere, so take this secondhand information with a grain of salt, but it is what someone else a couple of years ago was saying about them. If you do a browser search for "targus borger light touch" you can probably find some of those old threads. (Google has links to search specifically for blog posts or discussions.)

In fact, I just did that and found one of those old threads:

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