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Default Re: Yampa tailwater

Size is more important than color there. A size 20 or 22 is a perfect match for the midges in there. Obviously smaller would work too, but no need to go smaller when they are willing to take a 20.

Also, I tie mine a bit sparser than some sold at stores. A lot of store ties are tied fatter at the head, I only have a slight taper and I use the smallest bead I can for the head to keep the fly slim.

I've even got a super simple black thread midge that kills it there. Slim to win!

It is frustrating throwing everything you've got a some big fish that are just ignoring flies!

Glad to hear the spawn is on! I'm trying to get up there again before April 1, but I'm not sure if I have time. It's totally worth the hike in, and even on a "busy" day in the winter, there's still plenty of water to fish, and not that many people!

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One more thing...indicators and weight.

What did you use? These fish are very indicator and weight shy. Use a small clear thingamabobber or nothing at all. And use flies that are tied with weight rather than pinch on weight. That should help improve your catch rate and is a great last ditch effort to catch fish! I've seen many a fish move out of the way of indicators and weights!
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