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Default Re: What reels can handle tarpon?

Originally Posted by chuck s View Post
Seamaster --can you say pricey
Charlton --still pricey
Abel -- top dollar
Tibor --top dollar
Pate --top dollar
Old Florida - hard to find but really great
Bauer -- lighter in weight and not so Pricey
Orvis -- pick a Tarpon Model
Ross -- Pick a Tarpon Model
Galvan -- pick a Tarpon Model
Nautilus -- Gets the job done
Fin-Nor-- works great
Islander -- works great
Harris --works great- rugged

and the list continues--face it folks even the old Pflueger Medalist has accounted for a few of the big beasts and I have a video of Billy Pate whipping a 150lber with a SA Systems reel. From what I've seen and that's looking at folks who can afford what they want, and aren't swayed by advertising giveaways, etc the Tibors rule the roost followed closely by the Abels. A few years back the Pates would have been right in there and they are still built like a tank and a great choice. Of late the Orvis and Nautilus selections have been gaining ground and Nautilus made a huge mistake by discontinuing the Old Florida reels which have an Abel/Tibor style Drag. While mentioning that I might add that the Bauers are superb and lighter than most drawbar reels for similar capacity so get a big nod from me!
While I rep Bauer and consider them excellent reels, the Hardy Fortuna has to be considered with the top line stuff too. Andy Mill was really picky about the design and drag performance in particular. The drags are sealed, have zero start up inertia, and are adjustable to 32 pounds pressure. They are a work of art with unbelievable quality machining.

The others missing from your list that I've heard good things about are the Mako (Jack Charltons last product before his passing), and the Lamson Vanquish. The Charltons (on your list) are only available used and go for $2500-3500 on the used market these days.
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