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Default Re: What reels can handle tarpon?

Excellent info, guys. I really appreciate your input.

I did find an Old Florida reel on eBay yesterday. It wasn't big enough for 12wt though.

I'll let you know what I find. I'm a trout and warmwater (bass and panfish) fisherman mostly. I don't have a need for a 12wt rig other than this one trip. I'm trying to avoid spending as much on the rig as I'll spend for all the other trip expenses. But if I need to I will. I can always sell it later to recoup. If I can get something that won't melt down without spending a small fortune, then I'll probably hang on to it in case I get to chase tarpon (or something else big) again one day.

I picked up a St. Croix SCIV 12wt blank that I'm going to build up. $75 for the blank, so that'll be a nice rod for about $200 by the time I put a nice reel seat and grip and guides on it. Not bad at all. I've built a couple of 3wts on those St. Croix blanks, and they've made good rods for folks. If the 12wt is comparable (on a much larger and heavier scale) to the 3wts, then I'll like the rod.
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