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Default Re: Flycast tips or tricks for a 1WT

I don't have a 1wt, but I have a couple of 2wts. They're my favorite rods. They are also vastly different from each other. One is an 8'6" fast action, and the other is a 6'6" full flex rod. The longer fast action rod casts much more similarly to my bigger fast action rods. I get good line speed and tight loops pretty easily.

The short full flex rod is a different story. I LOVE the rod, but it's a completely different feel to cast. You have to give it more time before changing directions in your cast, because it just doesn't generate the high line speed that a faster rod does. That slower line speed with the shorter rod means that the line will fall to the ground/water behind you in the back cast if you're not careful. If I make sure and send the back cast up and back rather than just back, then it works just fine. I also have to slow my arm down a little so that I don't move through my stroke faster than the tip of the rod can keep up with.
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