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Default Re: George Anderson's "4-Weight Shootout"

Well obviously I'm biased.

But these rods are the real deal. Having fished them now for a season I'm real impressed. One comment, I'm glad they preferred true four weights in this test. A four weight should be a dry fly rod. People shouldn't ask four weights to do the things five weights are made for (throwing small streamers, big indicator rigs). I understand why Yellowstone Angler would test five weights with a GPX (1/2 size heavier) because that fits the purpose of a five weight in Yellowstone. . But a four weight, even out west on spring creeks is suppose to be a delicate fly presenter, with a bit of reserve power not a "big gun". There are exceptions like long casting dry fly presentation on big flat water, Connors flats on the Ausable comes to mind. All in all I can't say I'm surprised at the results.
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