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Default Re: 1 hour, 8 fish, 3 species, 2 firsts

Originally Posted by brookfieldangler View Post
Aren't they subspecies of the family Centrarchidae? I have a rough intro to biology knowledge at best of this sort of thing....

Also, when I say that all of them are "bluegill" to me, I specifically mean the Lepomis genus.
Yes, they are all in the family Centrarchidae, and, in fact, they're pretty much all in the genus Lepomis. But once you get down to the species level, they're all different species. If they were different subspecies, you'd see them as L. macrochirus somthingus and L. macrochirus somthingelseus (L. macrochirus is an actual bluegill). Instead, a bluegill is L. macrochirus and a green sunfish is L. cyanellus, for example. Same genus, different species.

Contrast that to cutthroat trout, for example, in which there are (arguably) 13 subspecies, all of the species O. clarkii. For instance, coastal cutthroat are O. clarkii clarki, Yellowstone cutthroat are O. clarkii bouvieri and westslope cutthroats are O. clarkii lewisi. All the same speices, but different subspecies.
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