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Default Re: setting the hook with glass

Went back this evening to see if it was me or the rod.
Same spot, same flies, but my 8'6" Ross 3wt rod.
Only a very slightly better hookup ratio with the longer, faster rod.

Guess I need to work on my technique. Sounds like a great reason (excuse?) to spend more time fishing.

I did get a variety of fish this evening, too. Bluegill, green sunfish, and crappie.
A variety of flies also worked. I used a "green weenie", a McGinty, and a PT nymph, all in size 12 or 14, and all worked equally well.

My favorite moment was when another fisherman showed up. He had a huge tackle box and a spinning outfit. He cast & cast, changed lures frequently, and never caught a thing.
All the time he was there I was catching a fish almost every cast. One of those brief periods when the fish seem to be in a feeding frenzy and will nail the fly as soon as it hits the water. (I was using a PT nymph at the time.)

I think he was frustrated, he didn't stay around long.
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