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Default Re: The Broken Rod Poll; Edited, New Catagory added.

I banged up an Albright A5 4wt sitting in my canoe when a buddy and myself hit some fast water and slammed us into a log. I had to replace the 2 largest pieces.
3 weeks ago while fishing with my 8 wt Winston BIIX I noticed my casts weren't traveling far. I then noticed the top guide was askew. It had lost it's hold on the top and was spinning around. I got it back early last week and fished it in the marshes of Louisiana. I hooked several nice fish the last one a 26" Redfish that found one last burst of speed while about to get bogaed into the canoe. The fish dived into the weed beds and took my rod tip with it until I let some line out. I feared I might break the first section but after 5 min. of wrangling I was able to free the line of weeds and bring the fish in. So far the fix is still working. I don't know what initially caused the tip top to break or if it just happened but I'm satisfied with the factory fix.
4 years ago I also busted another Winston when a big rainbow took my fly and dashed off. I think the biggest ferrule connection had worked it's way loose and fighting that rainbow cracked it. I only noticed the crack when disassembling my rod later.
I've since learned to use ferrule dope to keep the pieces together. I've also learned to mark the connections on top so I notice if and when the connections are working themselves loose from frequent casting of heavier nymphs or heavy clousers. I hope your luck is better than mine.
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