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Default Re: Need help with shooting line

My first fly outfit had a reel just like that one you are using. It was VERY heavy and after about 2 outings I bought a Pflueger 1495 Medalist and what an improvment. I would suggest you get a lighter reel to begin with. I believe that your rod is an old and cheap fiberglass which is OK but most of them did not have enough guides and the guides may be rusty which will damage you new line and will not allow your line to shoot. Take a good look at your rod. The guides may be your problem. Millions of fish have been taken on glass rods and I still like to use glass now and then. They will take a lot more abuse than the new rods and I just started my grand-daughter out on one. It does require line speed to shoot line and hauling is the answer to that if all other things are good to go. It took me many years to learn to double haul. I finally learned it off of the net. A poster above says that grass will cut a fly line I sure can't argue the point but I have spent a lot of hours in the backyard with my fly lines and they will still shoot so I doubt your new line is the problem unless the rod guides have damaged it. Good luck
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