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Default Re: streamer fishing

Your location may also be helpful in terms of patterns that others have had luck with. I am from Massachusetts and some of our best patterns may not work for you. Some people say that stocked fish are stupid and easy to catch. Nothing could be further from the truth. The main ingredient to success in any body of water is having confidence in the pattern that you are using. Fish that have been recently stocked in a river are often the most difficult to figure out. They don’t know where they are, where the food is, where the prime lies are, and constantly “bolt” through sections of the river in search of all of the above. Are you familiar with the rivers/creeks that you are fishing? If so, I would suggest that you make 10-15 casts to locations that you think holds fish………vary presentation and retrieve, then change to another pattern. You mentioned streamers, here is a great one from my neck of the woods that many people may not have heard of…………google “Shufelt Special”. This is a killer pattern developed in Maine. Dare you to try it Another guy from Missoula may mention a "pass lake special" , that is another great streamer that many have never tried.

Best of luck.
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