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Default Re: Should I be able to cast my 3wt as far as my 5wt?

The Orvis guy mentions the little flick of the wrist, is this the same power snap that Joan Wulff is referring to? I was told that you dont want to use any wrist but while testing the new line I actually experimented and tried doing a little "snap" thing and it seemed to help, I dont know how to explain what I was doing, kind of like I had a drop of water on the end of the rod and I was trying to flick off with very minimal movement after the very short flick i stopped to wait for the line to straighten out. It seemed to help with the front cast but I couldn't get it to do anything with the rear cast so I quit.

Also will grass work just as well as water to practice? I like the run off pond because its right by the house and I can get the line wet, I dont know if it does but Ive always felt I can cast better with more ease on the water becasue its getting on the guides and such. I might have to go to the football field and try casting a bit. Then I can also get a more accurate reading of how far im actually casting.

#1: I was trying to just form nice loops and maintain them, Ill try to keep it to 4 or 5 false casts and see if that changes anything.

#2: How does one add more energy without forcing the rod? Is this where I need my Hauls? And is it more line that is added longer the stroke?

#3: Ahh theres one of my bad habits I KNOW I do quite often, never had anyone tell me it was bad, guess that explains why I can never waterload much line without it either trying to all pile up in my face or just flop around like a fish out of water. Ill for sure be trying this next time Im at the water.

#4: My biggest problem with the double haul, they also say this in the videos but its like trying to pat my head and rub my belly. I cant get the rhythm down without focusing really hard, I can usually get it going back but when I go forward I always seem to forget to get my line hand to go back up and "reset" getting ready to go backwards again. By the time I remember its too late the line is either straight and falling down or I've started another back cast. What would be a good line length past the rod tip to practice getting the rhythm down?

#5: I try not to but there is times where I let go without thinking.

Ill try to get up to the field tomorrow and try a few of these things.
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