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Default one of those evenings

The previous two evenings have both been rare events. I usually go to the local lake to relax for an hour or two before dark. Most days I can catch a few fish and just enjoy experimenting with what flies are most effective and practice casting. A bit of time for studying nature, and a chance to "cleanse my soul" a bit by reflecting on, and appreciating the positive events of the day.

Went to the local lake Thursday evening and not a fish landed.
A few (very few!) hits, but I failed to bring a fish to hand.
Other anglers (bait fishermen) were also failing to catch fish.

Went back yesterday evening and a total 180 reversal in results.
Seems like it didn't matter what I tied on my leader (wet, dry, nymph) as soon as it hit the water a fish tried to eat it!

Mostly bluegill, with a few small crappie and one small bass to break up the monotony, but that's definitely a preferable "one of those evenings" to the previous one.
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