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Default DIY salt noob, Florida, Yucatan, pics

Weddings in the keys and mexico gave me chance to finally break in the 10wt.
Unfortunately there is no money left for a guided flats trip.
It has not been easy, but I have managed to hook 6 fish and land 3. Fishing from a rental kayak in the Keys was the best way to get around on the cheap, as there was a lack of good wading. We saw nurse sharks, rays, and hooked a few small barracuda. After getting cut off by razor sharp teeth I moved up to 40lb. mono as a bite tippet and had success.

little 'cuda on my 7wt (destroyed a gurgler shrimp pattern)
Click the image to open in full size.
toothy little maldito and what is left of the fly
Click the image to open in full size.

On the Yucatan peninsula, we are staying at an all inclusive resort which sits on a nature preserve. There are flats loaded with fish, but they are all within the protected area, and fishing is 'prohibido'. North of the preserve is a small wadable flat that has produced 2 bites in a few trips out. It has been choppy with limited visibility; a tropical depression is forming and it is raining pretty hard. My lone-bone was caught on a blind retrieve the first day out. This morning calm water and overcast skies with light rain produced another that charged me and disappeared from my hook as I was giving myself a stripping burn! light rain gave way to full on downpour and high winds as we scurried back to the resort. I will go out again tomorrow morning if conditions allow, but the storm has a 70% chance of becoming a
tropical cyclone, so I am trying to be realistic...

pretty sure its a small bonefish, but I'll let the experts weigh in
Click the image to open in full size.
The flat by the resort at dawn
Click the image to open in full size.
Turns out that there is no need to be there at dawn. Both fish were hooked after 8am as fish began their approach to the 'protected' flat by a river outlet. The protected flat is loaded with fish on nicer days. It is like being in a candy store, but only being allowed access to the gumball machine outside!

looking south toward the resort, not a lot of sight fishing going on in the chop.
Click the image to open in full size.

We saw a big tarpon cruising past a dock (but had no gear with me). Also, one of the workers at the resort told me about a 15lb. barracuda that cruises outside of the swim beach (also 'se prohibe pescar')

I wish we could afford the 400-500$ USD + tip for a guide+transportation out to ascension bay or the sian kaan preserve, but the weather is quickly deteriorating anyway. It has been cool learning the nature of the flats though; when fish come and go, and which tides they prefer. I have also only been using my own flies, which I consider a huge success for my first trip fly fishing in salt.

Side note: I went on a deep sea charter (18 guys on 3 boats before the Keys wedding). It was my first time, and we caught a few Mahi-mahi. One of the guys caught a nice permit on a live crab(spinning gear). The crew was nice enough to let me cast my 10wt while we were there. The mate didn't believe I would get any attention from a crab pattern, but I did manage to get a good follow from the depths with a 30' sink tip. It was a fly-anglers coup of sorts...

Here is the permit that took the live crab, I was only a tad jealous!
Click the image to open in full size.

Wish me luck with this tropical storm!

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