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IMO with a line of the caliber you would think they would be screaming from the rooftops.Instead it is just put in the pile with the rest of their lines leaving the costumer on his own to find it.

I suspect they may be in "frantic" mode with cost savings steps. It would take, at most, a total of 10 minutes for someone at Cortland to add a link to their hidden page (available only through a site search using the term "Liquid") about their new clear saltwater tropical line.

That new line is being carried by "The" fly shops in S. Florida, and is being used by a lot of "The" fly fishing guides here for flats fishing. It replaces the PE+ Crystal which has undergone more internet bashing than any line I can remember except for the "SA Sharkskin". The new line is now being bashed , as recently as yesterday, on the Fl. Sportsman by people not aware that the PE Liquid Crystal is a completely new line and, basically being a new line, is now called the "Liquid Crystal". It no longer has the alleged coiling/memory/tangling problem of its predecessor the Crystal Pe+.

But no mention of the Liquid Crystal appears on Cortland's menu of products - even though every quality fly shop I know of in S. Florida stocks them - NOT the Crystal PE+.

This can only be a "management" decision - one justified (or rationalized) by looking at the cost of an inventory of lines no one wants - and then deciding to sell them to a less informed, unsuspecting market to cut losses on that particular line. Both lines come in nearly identical looking containers.

Sadly, that is how it works. SA is doing a similar thing on their website -though they do have all their lines listed, just in an illogical and very confusing manner.

On their home page, if you click on lines up comes a menu with “Sharkskin Series” listed at the top – likely their poorest selling tropical fly line in their history (with good reason in my opinion)- even though the “Mastery Textured” series is their newest line. So you have to already know about their lineup of lines before even going there.

Clicking on that series brings up another menu in which you select by category – Salt water, Species (ie tarpon etc), tropical , rod weight and so on. All that shows up, of course, is sharkskin lines. So a newcomer could well think that after clicking on “Tarpon” or “redfish” or “whatever” that they have only two choices of lines for “tarpon” etc. (Both sharkskins of course).

That is because a side menu tells you that you are “shopping by “species” "– even though you are really shopping by “One Series of Line”- in this case, the infamous sharkskin.

In no case is the ancient saying, “Caveat Emptor” more applicable than in “researching” fly lines.

There is another specification that would be very handy for floating lines that someone mentioned earllier, and that is the line's density (specific gravity). That would give us an inkling of how well it floats out of the box.

In fishing the flats, for instance, I would prefer an "almost floating" line to a really "high floating" line, simply because the former would carry better on long casts and especially casts into the wind. The SA MED line does not float well, but handles wind extremely well, not only because of its head length, but its density as well.

Enough. Sorry for getting off the subject of the "Boss", which I have not used, but it seemed like this thread was about more than just the line.
__________________ Cheers, Jim
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