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Originally Posted by mrl0004 View Post
Thanks for the help guys. I got them painted tonight, hoping to coat them tomorrow before work and finish them off after work tomorrow. I'll post a pic when I get them done.
Hope that everything works out for you. I've been making poppers for nearly 40 years (Jamison Lure & Fly Co.) and made every mistake possible in my testing of paints and processes. If you have figured it out, feel free to ignore my post.

For hard foam bodies.

1. Set your hook with a small drop of super glue. Too much will not cure and melt the foam.
2. Flip your poppers upside down and fill the slot with epoxy and let it sit overnight. You can use a clothespin or something similar to hold them in place.
3. Only paint with waterbased acryllics and let it dry completely. You can speed the process with a hair dryer at a distance greater than 2'
4. To paint eyes I use three successively smaller nail heads dipped in paint. I typically use black-white-black pattern. Be sure to let each step dry. (See results below.)
5. For the final step I use slow cure (1 hr) aerospace epoxy, because it is strong and I do around 50 at a time. If you are doing one or two you could use the 5 or 10 min. cure epoxy. When I am testing new poppers I sometimes just use a gloss coat, clear nail polish or something similar.

Hope this helps,

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