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Default Re: Live bait?

I actually DO use live bait presented on a bare hook using the fly rod for one thing - the stocked trout in the local lake each spring.
Those fish are doomed (the water gets far too warm for the trout to survive the summer), they are stocked to encourage the purchase of fishing licenses and attract people to fishing, they are intended to be caught and taken home for consumption, and the fly rod is a very good method (my favorite) to present the bait to the fish.
It's legal, and as far as I'm concerned ethical (just as ethical as using any other type of tackle to catch a mess of trout).

I also hunt with a crossbow in archery season! It's legal, and I might add if you ever actually shoot/hunt with a crossbow you will soon see they are just another way to launch an arrow - and the arrow is still subject to the same laws of gravity as any other arrow launched with any other type of bow!

Worm on a hook attached to a fly, spincast, baitcast, or spinning rod and cast into the water = fishing.
Arrow launched from a longbow, recurve, compound, or crossbow at game = bowhunting.