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Default Re: Level leader question - fly sizes

I fish warmwater and have gone to furled leaders with a mono tippet of about 2.5'. Before that I used a butt of 20# of 3.5' and a loop to loop tippet connection. I still use this same basic leader in the salt. The sweet water tippet is 6# mostly. I usually use 8 to 12# in the salt. If in when I go after carp I have some 8# floro for tippet to help get the fly down a little quicker. On the stream I carry 2 extra leaders but almost never use one but I carry several tippets and usually need at least 2 or 3 everytime I am on the stream. I do my own furled leaders and they are only about 4 to 4.5' long and they are done with 4# mono. I used to make multi step leaders but couldn't see a lot of difference for my fishing and I don't fish trout or use 15' leaders. 6 to 8' is the norm on total length. when I fish bass in open water I use 8# tippets and in cover I will go as high 20# level leaders. I don't fuss much with my leaders or tippets. I like EZ
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