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Default Re: what flies do i have here?

thank you guys,
so do i understand this correct then:
1st photo L-R
1. Hornbergis this DRY or WET Fly
2. HornbergDRY or WET?
3. Wooly Worm- Red TailedDRY or WET?

2nd. photo L-R:
1. Montana Nymph so this will sink and drag along the bottom like all nymphs right?
2. Stimulatorconfirmed
3. Stimulatorconfirmed, ill try it again this weekend if i go back up to Owens river near Mammoth this weekend in same spot where i had the monster hooked, just right below the Damn

btw what exactly is a WET FLY,, does it float just not on top of the water?
and WET FLY is not same as NYMPH right?

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Originally Posted by fyshstykr View Post
The last one is a Double Yellow Humpy, never seen one with rubber legs myself though.
thanks, that last one is really big, i cant imagine i'll see myself using it any time soon.
2 in the middle of top 2 photos are also very big, probably too big for where i fish. (wooly worm & Montana Nymph)
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