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Default Re: Are high end fly lines worth the expense?

There are a few components in the costs of manufacturing fly lines that I believe many here aren't considering.

1) A ton of testing, no matter how well it works on the computer, Fly lines require a lot of testing in a lot of conditions. This in-tales making hundreds of lines that no margin is recouped on.

2) Promotional costs, you can't sell fly lines unless you get free lines in the hands of industry personal, fly shop owners, guides, and shop buyers have to try them too. This is the only way you can generate any industry "buzz". Advertising itself is expensive, a few adds in the Drake can eat into a margin real quick.

3) Packaging, At Cortland we use a package that can be used as a line winder, it's made from recycled materials and is biodegradable. This isn't cheap, in some cases it costs more than the raw materials (not labor) of the line production itself.

4) Production: Loops have to be done by hand, in most cases the cutting the lines and spooling is manual labor.

The raw material itself is pretty cheap, but everything else isn't.
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