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Default Re: Fast(er) action 6wt for someone who fishes med-fast rods

Originally Posted by fireroad View Post
Interesting...I would expect these rods to be 3 different beasts, with the Winston and the Scott to be the fartherest apart...the Scott being considered the stiffest and the fastest and the Winston being slower and having greater flex. I'm curious...what is your preferred 5wt?

To complicate matters even more I have a chance to pick up a like new Sage One 9ft 6 wt. Its only been lawn cast but no warranty card (does that really matter with Sage) for $400! Only problem is I can't cast it first and their are other buyers lined up behind me.
I wanted and got a 6wt. As for the Scott and Winston they both were very different rods, yet i loved both and would have been happy with the Winston. As far as the Sage rods went, for me they were very good I just happened to like the Scott & Winston better, I'm not sure why. Some how they just didn't feel right, or better put the other 2 felt better. Based on your post if you can get the One for $400 I think I would do it, its a very nice rod IMO. Had I seen your deal before the Scott I would have gotten the Sage and been happy. If I had seen both deals at the same I would have gotten the Scott.
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