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Default Re: Just Curious: How Many Fly Rods Do you Own

I started accumulating rods but have been selling most of them off the past few years because I could not see any reason to have them lying around not used when I could sell them to someone who would use them. Plus, I use the $$ to upgrade, and I avoid the complaints "don't you already have enough rods!". My current selection:

4wt: Winston WT; Burkheimer 489

5wt: Burkheimer 595; Sage Z-axis 590 that I built (also have my very first rod, an orvis 5 wt that hangs near my tying bench, and another 5 wt I built for my spouse). I bought the Burkie 489 and loved it so much that I sold a 5wt ZXL and a 6wt XP this spring to get the 595.

8wt: Winston BIIX that I will probably sell to get a new 7wt.

Spey: Meiser Highlander S 13' 7wt; Burkheimer 8142

All of these rods are fished heavily and have their own place, except for the 8wt which is not used so much anymore because I prefer spey to single hand for steelhead.
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