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Default Re: TFO TiCr X 5wt

Also try borrowing a lighter, more flexible rod and see if it isn't easier to get the feel of the casting mechanics. In general, it's harder for beginners to learn to cast with a stiff rod than a more medium-action rod. Once you've got the hang of it on a forgiving rod, it will be easier to transfer those skills to a more difficult one.

Even among stiff rods, though, the Ti Cr X is a brute. I have a 6 wt TiCrX and it's great for certain situations, especially distance casting into the wind and putting the wood to heavy, hard-fighting fish. But I've been casting fly rods for over 20 years, and even I usually fish it with a 7 or 8 line rather than a 6. It's not really an all-around tool for most fishing, which often requires more accuracy and delicacy than the TiCrX can deliver easily. You can use a Mack truck to run your routine Saturday morning errands, but a plain old Chevy sedan is going to do the job better. You might consider getting another, shorter 5 weight with a slower action for dry flies and smaller streams, and saving the TiCrx for windy days and big rivers. There are a lot of rods out there that won't put too big a hole in your wallet, especially if you can find a discontinued model on closeout.
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