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Default Re: Information about Klootchy Creek Park.

The park is best known for once having the largest Sitka Spruce tree in the world. I fished for stocked trout, in the small coastal stream that runs through the park, off the bridge as a kid, when my family vacationed in Seaside. Thankfully, the river is no longer stocked with trout, but does have runs of cutthroat, Salmon and Steelhead. The time of year you will be there is when the wild steelhead make their spawning run in most of Oregon's north coast streams. This is a catch and release fishery and there are not alot of them. However, they are magnificent fish and a thrill to hook on a swung fly. The park is a good place to access the river and there are other points along Hwy 26 as well. The problem is that the Steelhead enter these rivers ripe to spawn. The park is in the upper portion of this river and many fish will be paired up and on their redd. I personally, consider it unethical to cast to them. I have seen youtube videos of flyfishers sight fishing to them with weighted flies, and to the uneducated, it may look cool. However, in my opinion, it is disgusting and wrong. I recommend looking for access on the lower river or other larger streams.

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