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Default Total Newbie from Pittsbugh


I just found this forum a couple days ago and signed up yesterday. I thought I should probably introduce myself.

I have officially gone out fly fishing twice now, within the past two weeks. Prior to this, I have always spin cast and I have fished streams a total of maybe three days in my life, but that was almost 40 years ago when I was a kid and knew even less than I do now.

Since I live near Pittsburgh, I always thought there were no streams to fish but turns out I was wrong. And I also thought that fly fishing was way too hard. It certainly is different than what I am used to but I think I may be catching on. I actually caught a small bass and two mid-sized trout the two times I was out. It was cool catching fish the first couple times I fly fished but the coolest thing was catching them on flies I had tied.

I have always watched fly fishers with awe over the years because it always seemed like they caught twice as many fish as everybody else around (and about ten times more fish than me!).

I happened upon a bunch of Orvis gift certificates and thought, "What the heck?" So I bought a 9' Clearwater 5wt and a Battenkill reel. Once I put on the backing, line, leader, tippets, and (ugh) tax, I was out about $35 of my own money.

I have been practicing in my yard since last November and finally had the guts to go out on the water a couple Fridays ago. I have to say, that day was the best day I ever had fishing in my life. I only caught a young bass (a whole five-inches long) but just going thru the motions was more fun than I ever had before. I went out again last Friday and had even a better time. I found that I could 'almost' get my fly where I wanted it to go roll casting. The only problems I was having was I kept hooking leaves as they were falling like crazy. Is there a way to get around that problem? Probably not!

Sorry for the long post. I am hoping to learn a lot here.

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