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Default Re: Buy a Tshirt and Support Bristol Bay Campaign

Normally when I reach the river after being away for more than a week, I am so excited I rush through the process of getting ready, but today, I was in no rush at all. As I put my jeep into park, the river pulls me to the edge. I quickly remember fall is in full swing. The river is full of brightly colored Kokanne, which adds to the evening yet again without a fish being landed. I finally get dressed, and begin my approach into the river. After watching the water for a bit, I decide to tie on an Olive Bellied Caddis, first cast full drift and nothing. Second cast happened to land exactly as I had hoped and the water exploded with a large rainbow. The excitement was short lived as I realized I missed the take. I blamed the bad light caused by all the smoke (forest fires abound), but we who fish all know that this is simply part of the game.
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