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Default Re: Local Fly Shop or Buy Online?

Originally Posted by mike63 View Post
While I like the idea of supporting local business, some online dealers offer free shipping, no sales tax and even things like free fly line with reels and/or rods. And, the bigger outfitters tend to have common items in stock. Good deals can be had on flies too...but the local guys often have advice on what to use and I don't mind buying some flies as appreciation for said advice, especially when venturing into new locations.

Which do you all prefer?
I prefer to support my local flyshops for reasons already mentioned. If you prefer to purchase online, you are welcome to support one of mine too. Purchases can be made online from The flyshops in Oregon. There is no sales tax in Oregon and they do not have a shipping charge. Telephone advice is available. One could even ask for a line with the purchase of a rod and or reel. Many local shops do a big share of their business online. Where would we and the resource be without them?
PM me and I'll give you the names of a couple good ones.
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