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Default Re: Habitat Protection Vital To Native Trout

I agree completely. Here in PEI, governments records of watershed protection are shameful. We have a few real wonderful conservationists who, a number of years ago, put together a round table committee and report, laying out recommendations that would have protected all our watersheds properly. It was received by the province.

They made a couple little improvements here and there, and promptly shelved it. Since that time we have suffered dozens of catastrophic fish kills, wide spread siltation and loss of habitat from agriculture run off, damage to many estuaries from muscle farming, anoxia or clouding of waters from algae blooms related to unhealthy water temps. and a build up of nitrates once again from improper land use practices. I don't blame farmers, rather the province for being irresponsible with our resources. Most ironic though is what is on our license plates "Canada's Green Province" Should be Canada's Green Gables Province instead.
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