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Default Re: HMS Bounty .... so sad.

Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
Not sure what you're referring to (Coasties) , but (now waaaaay back in the day) in flack jackets, football helmets and wired to each side of the open bridge in 40 and 44 footers.

Small craft warnings .... Ooooo, a good sail in a stiff wind. Gale warning, ditto +1. Full Gale and the twits would still pull off the dock. And we had to be out there to pull their sorry butts out of the jam that was likely to happen.

Normal station was the Smith Island Race Track (east end of the Straights of Juan De Fucx U when things hit the fan. Worst one was a Hobbie Cat race from Anacordes? to Victoria, BC. Ripping weather and they still held the 'race.'

Just my 'boat' pulled 9 people out of the water. One AHole 'help me right my boat!!!!!' Like I'm going to put one of my crew in the water for that?? Guy was insistant, went below and got the rifle and put a full clip through the two hulls.

Thought I'd catch hell for that one ... not a word, not a word.

Referring to the sound of big brass pieces clanging together. My stepson's a Coastie, current boat is the Big T.
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