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Default Re: New to flyfishing (sort of)

I was young once and wished someone had taken me under thier wing. Most of my experience has been in sweet water but have studied the salt for many years and done a little too. There is no magic in the flies that I would recomment. Deciever in multiple sizes and colors, craft fur shrimp in 2 or 3 sizes and colors, seaducer in a couple of sizes and colors. ...I would not recomment heavy clousers for a beginning caster but some with medium beadchain eyes in smaller hook sizes and a few in larger sizes with large beadchain eyes are not that hard to cast. The large, heavy lead eyes are hard to cast and I would not attempt them yet. Some crease minnows would be good to have as well as some gurglers to cover the top water stuff. All of the above are good fish catchers everywhere. All of these fly patterns can be easily found on the net and are fairly easy to tie. feel free to PM me if you desire.
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