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Default Re: Wire shock tippet

Originally Posted by lightline View Post
I use a three turn uni-knot in mono and floro over 50 lb, including 80 lb. I've never had it slip on a tarpon or anything else. Tie it, spit on it, and cinch it tight by pulling on the tag end with pliers while securing the hook/fly around some kind of solid ring. I use a ring on the gunnel of the boat. You can cinch it tight, or leave it as a small loop knot. Just slip the hook over the ring, apply light pressure to the main line, and pull the tag end tight. I agree with the previous post that the mono. is easier to knot. That's what I use!
Well I went at it again yesterday. I couldn't get a good knot on the 80# mono, so I cut it off and tied the braided part using an Orvis knot. I know this worked, because I GOT MY FIRST HIT!!! A +- 25# tarpon took my green toad fly and jumped 3-4 times in about 25 seconds, then spit the hook as my line was getting caught up in the weedy bottom. But at least I know my knots held!

Now I gotta figure out what the heck I'm gonna do if I actually land one of these monsters. Where do you grab em? By the mouth. Do I need gloves?

I have a lot of experience deep sea fishing with heavy tackle and caught Marlin, Dorado, etc.. but tarpon on light tackle is a completely different animal. What a rush!
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