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Default Frustration And Saddened Shame: A Historical Look At PEI's Fish Kills

Fish Kills on PEI | Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project

I grew up fishing with my dad in New Brunswick and PEI. Dad always took a responsible approach teaching me about land and stream stewardship. I was led to believe that responsible government was out to protect it's wild life resources, waterways, wild areas and forests. I never thought that land use management practices and principles could be so at odds with healthy watershed ecology. I really wish they could solve this problem. We just need to do things a little more diligently and with stewardship in mind.

The problem seems to be inadequate buffer zoning, run off containment and lack of contour farming. P.E.I. has no real gravel in its soil. Mostly clay, silt, and sand. We are basically a sandbar. All runoff quickly finds its way into watersheds and runs red with silt for days after.

I am not angry at this group or that group about this problem. Well maybe all the past governments for not doing anything about it. I am just a fly fisherman and outdoor enthusiast who really does see the value of a healthy watershed ecosystem, and someone who would like to see this annual problem go away for good.
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