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Default Re: newbie questions

Thanks so much Fred for you answer. Very informative and I appreciate you taking the time break down my questions to address each complex point. I now have a better understanding on how to approach my needs. I stood riverside a few weeks ago with a switch fisherman and he had me totally confused. I actually have a few buddies I work with that laugh at us flyfisherman because we are always discussing things and some comment, "how hard can it be, put a worm or minnow on and then catch a fish." They are sadly mistaken in the world of fishing.

Thanks again for your help.


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thanks for the offer on the rod but to be honest with you, I am not looking to spend a lot of money initially until I see if I love it. I am sure if I do, I will go crazy on equipment. I have researched Rugged Creek set ups, reel, line, and rod for $299.00 but have also looked at St Croix Imperial switch rods for $250ish. I actually have two St Croix Imperial 9 footers, in 5 wt for trout, 8 wt, steelhead/salmon and really love the rods.
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