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Default Re: Name Your Trout Top Ten Nymph & Dry Flies

Cool thread. I was just looking through my fishing journal last night and 'discovered' that my fly choices had changed even from just last year.

Anyway, my top ten dries, in order of preference:

Still and always number one for me: hoppers (mostly Moorish, but I tested a few naturals this year)

Stimulators (stopped fishing EH caddis because of these things)

Parachute BWOs (can't leave home without them. Incredibly versatile. Clip off the post and trim the sides of the parachute. Bingo, it's a nymph/emerger depending on whether you apply any floatant. Trim one side, and wham, it's a spinner. Clip off the post and strip this guy under the film. I don't know what thheey think it is, but they like eating it.)

Parachute Adams (for those rare days when BWOs don't work)

PMDs (discovered these this year, mostly I fished the spinner version)


PMX (many days just as effective as hoppers or stims, practically unsinkable, even with a BH dropper. And landed my second largest 'bow with this thing today)

Green drakes (giant BWO invites giant smash from giant fish)

Flavinas (not sure these even exist in AZ, but they work nearly everywhere I go around here. Best imitation I've found for the 'tiny white bug' hatch)

Googley eyed cicada or flying black ants (ants can be fished year round, but nothing beats a good cicada hatch for top water action)

Top ten nymphs:

Tungsten cone magnum simi seal leech (purple, black or brown)

Lenny Special Magnum/Lite (my buddy's invention, think brown crystal bugger mates with crawfish on steroids)

MOAB (my invention, basically a cross between a Clouser and a feather wing streamer)

BWO emerger (fell in love with these things and another that's white with a dark grey rib during an eveing BWO rise)

Bird's nest depth charge (landed my PB 'bow on this today. And my PB tiger, splake, brook and 'cutt earlier this year)

Zug Bug (discovered this fly two months ago when I ran out of green raiders)

Red raiders (is it a copper john or a prince nymph in red armor?)

Green raiders

Zonker minnows

Zebra midges (number one choice of fish at Lee's Ferry)

Funny the difference a year makes. A year ago, I almost exclusively fished leeches, buggers, and prince nymphs if I couldn't get bit on a dry. Now the Prince doesn't even make my top ten list. Last year, I didn't even know what an emerger was. This year I probably fished them on every trip.

And the depth charge . . . when Lenny showed me one this spring, right before we rigged up at river's edge, I was skeptical to say the least. To my surprise, I caught two nice 'bows in three casts. But I am not a fan of the indicator rig, so I quickly put my stock of DCs in storage.

Then came the Utah Trip. Where I learned two things about Bird's Nest Depth Charges: bigger is better, and more is more. As in big fly, with lots of hair, tails, horns, and legs is very appetizing to big trout. Check that, I learned three things: I can fish a DC without a bobber, making it a lot more appetizing to me. Maybe even to the fish.

At any rate, there's my list. At least for this year.

"Three-fourths of the Earth's surface is water, and one-fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good Lord intended us to spend triple the amount of time fishing as taking care of the lawn." ~Chuck Clark
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