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Default Re: Spey Leaders by Cutthroat Leader Co.

Yes, I did try the test and the furled leader would not hold the curve like mono or a braided leader will with a flyline. This is because the leader is constructed of a softer material making the test useless in this case. The leaders I cast, including a trout leader turned over well and properly presented the fly with a downstream reach cast. I think the weight, diameter, and taper of the leader matches the flyline well enough to make it cast properly. My research on this subject concludes that Nylon monofilament leaders rely primarily on their stiffness to effect a smooth transfer of power from the fly line to the tippet and fly. A furled leader uses its mass and suppleness. I feel that one must cast these leaders to appreciate them. I am looking forward to giving them more extensive use under technical dryfly conditions with a variety of rods. I'm a hands on fisherman needing to feel the performance of equipment intuitively before making final my judgements. I hope you will consider giving them a try as I would value your feedback.

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