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Default Re: Deals you may want to look at

Originally Posted by mudbug View Post
I can't bring myself to participate in Albright's game.

I've seen enough reviews of their stuff to know that it's worth what you can buy it for, in fact probably a bit more. I just hate the price advertising scam they have going on.

They show these extravagant MSRPs and then the sale price and it's all bull.

An MSRP of $900? Really? Do they have any retailers at all, let alone retailers that sell their stuff for those prices?

But they are on sale now for $175... OK, that is probably a decent deal on a fine piece of gear.
The MSRP is nonsense. Their sale price is almost always 70% off the supposed "MSRP", although 80% off is a further discount. For example, back before Albright went to a direct-sales business strategy and were still selling through dealers, their A-5 model had a MSRP of $225 and their XX had a MSRP of $335. Now, 5 years later, they've added maybe $10 worth of bling to the original designs, but they've also cut out the costly markups for the mfr's rep and retailer. There's just NFW that the real value of this year's models is anything close to the $750 "MSRP" stated on the website, although the current advertised "sale" price of $150 is probably a fair value. It's certainly cheaper than you would have paid for a slightly less tricked-out rod built on the same blank at a full-service retailer 5 years ago -- just not 80% cheaper.

So chase the bargain if you need some stuff, but remember that even the best Albright stuff is mid-price-point product, not high-end. It's all made in batch runs in Asian factories and shipped in lots to the US -- which is why they can offer it so cheap, and why they periodically run out of inventory, but also why it's no match for the top-of-the-line rods and reels from the best manufacturers priced at similar (or often lower) MSRPs. These were never more than average, mid-range rods, and still aren't. They are comparable to Redington, TFO, and Greys, but not Loomis, Sage, and Winston.

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