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Default Re: Best reel for Winston 8' 4wt tmf ?

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
I am going to guess that owning that Winston was a sort of benchmark for you and if this is true I would put the very nicest reel on it I could, while figuring to own the pair until I passed on. What do I mean "the very nicest" reel? I'm thinking one of the rare Winston Perfects' in 3 1/8" finished in Winston Green and made by those guys at Hardy back in the 80's and 90's. These come for sale on the e Bay and I have seen them go as low as 500 dollars before! There are also the Baby Bougle 3" reels from Hardy in the Champagne Spitfire kinda finish, these are outstanding reels also. A St. George 3" in your choice of left or right winding would do real well with a Winston rod as well.

I'll leave that as my three suggestions, no I don't work for Hardy. Those Bougles are selling around 500 new and better in mint used shape. They are a piece of engineering to say the least.

If you buy the same reel as everyone else what will make your rod a special thing........

Oh, well then. If you want to follow that philosophy you might also check out Willow reels. I saw them at a show and they are jewels.

Willow Classic Reels

Or buy a Saracione directly from Tom Morgan himself.

Tom Morgan Troutrods - Saracione Reels
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