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Default Re: South Platte River Deckers Report

Originally Posted by nickj View Post
That's what I figured. I don't live too far from Deckers, but the high population of rude people keeps me out of there. I went once this year...working my way over to a rising fish, in an empty stretch of water..downstream come two guys, kicking up the bottom, stumbling and splashing, intent on beating me to that fish. Really? Downstream? That ten minutes is more than enough for me, regardless of the size of the fish.
I fished Deckers last summer (hadn't fished there in 15 years+) and I have to admit my disappointment in meeting some pretty rude fishermen?. I kinda got this treatment sometimes when I skied the front range(mostly from transplants I surmised) and if you weren't a local or buying something, well... I did run into a local guide hanging out who gave me a fly he had great success with but besides that I might as well been on Mars. As an ex-Coloradan I recall an old Eagles tune about the 'Last Resort.' Most of the old 'Natives' were a pretty friendly lot and outgoing which changed it seemed with the influx of outsiders in the 80's & 90's-that's subjective...
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