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Default Wet fly bodies with nylon thread?

Hi, I'm having a lot of success with smaller "partridge and orange" flies I bought from fly shack a while back. Now that I'm tying, I'm looking into tying these up because bluegill, bass, and one catfish really hit these around here . Plus, I'm a big fan of carrying flies that I can almost be sure to have a chance to catch something, no matter where I go.

I read that silk is traditional, but sucks to work with....and I *just got to where I can tie a sawyers PT nymph that looks "okay" I'm definitely not a good tyer. Keeping that copper wire tight to avoid abdomen and thorax shifting was my toughest part.

What type of body material would you recommend? floss? 4-strand floss? Some kind of heavy orange regular thread?

Thanks - you guys are great! I've learned more on this website in 3 months than I did in 4 years of college and everything before then. Plus, all of that information was thoroughly useless. Fly fishing is the only thing I'm interested in learned and retaining now .
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