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Default Re: Beginner fly tying

I'm too new to fly fishing and fly tying to be considered an expert. That said, I would not recommend buying a tying kit that includes a vise. I bought one and was totally unhappy with the vise. Even though it was all metal, it was cumbersome to lock in a hook and thread on the main shaft was showing signs of wear after tying only two flies.

I was attracted to the kit because it provided a vise and lots of tools for less than $50. Subsequently came to the conclusion that I probably didn't need all the tools and those that I did need could be purchased with better quality and relatively low prices.

I returned the vise and reviewed previous discussions within this and other fly fishing and tying forums. Probably the most helpful information came from Fly Fish Ohio's vise review (Fly Tying Vises In-Depth Review by Fly Fish Ohio!).

Didn't want to spend more than $100 for a vise. Would rather spend my money on gear and fly tying materials. Was fortunate to find a used Danvise for $65.00 from their former distributor Al Beatty (BT's Fly Fishing & Photography, fly fishing, fly tying, Danvise, rotary tying, LaFontaine's Legacy). This vise retails for $89 or $99 and was highly rated by Fly Fishing Ohio's review. I'm totally satisfied with it, but then again, my experience is limited. Think it's a good bang for the bucks.
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