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Default Re: Rainbow Tungsten Beads...?

Tungsten Cost Explained - The other side of the story. from In The Business ( 5/16/2002 10:59:00 AM
By chance, do anyone of you duck hunt? If so, have you seen the cost of Tungsten shot?
Believe it or not, there is hardly any markup on any Tungsten product. I have seen many a tackle shop selling Tungsten weights for .5 cents above their cost.

As far as cost, all Tungsten comes from an China. Therefore, raw material is subject to foreign relations, whoever is in office, exchange rates, importation taxes, the limited supply of usuable grade material, etc...

Once a manufactuer has secured a significant amount of raw material, the manufacturing processes are significantly more complex than melting lead in a cast. Bascially, the cost of Tungsten products are already on the floor. Most companies use the product as a loss leader to increase traffic.

The idea is that the benefits of unparrelled sensitivity the weight adds to the line, smaller size, increased hook sets, and longevity of the product should outweigh the cost. Another often overlooked aspect of tungsten weights is that tungsten is more dense than lead. In other words, a 1/4 ounce weight, while 25% smaller than lead, is heavier in the water than a lead weight. Therefore, a 3/16 ounce tungsten weight can often be used to get the same effect as using a heavier lead weight. This is really helpful in fishing grass, and punching through thick matts.

Think of it this way, in comparision to the money you spend on a quality rod, reel, and constant respooling of quality line, the cost of a Tungsten weight is really neal (don't even try to tell me that you don't respool often...if not your opinion is void to begin with for serious T anglers).

In addition, how many hooks do you go through in a season? Another point to consider is that every top pro in the nation uses Tungsten weights, unsponsored.

Everyone is free to chose, and should do so according to thier tournament activity. When money is on the line for me, I know which weights I will be using.
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