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Default finally solved the dubbing mystery

Been tying for a few years but I've always struggled with dubbing. Tried wax and dubbing loops, but it never looks good.
Tonight I was looking through threads and found mention of the WD-40.
Did a google search and found a couple videos on the WD-40.
This fly looks like it would work on my favorite target (bluegill) so I got out the tying box and got busy.
Improvised (as usual) for material and ended up using Daiichi #16 hooks, olive thread, golden pheasant for hackle, and antron dubbing.
First couple flies looked bad and as I was tying the next one I only got about 1/3 of the dubbing I'd been using when I pinched some off. Oh well, wrap it then add some more. It actually spun on the thread and looked just like the dubbing the experts do!
Found out less is better - much better!

Flies looked much better as I progressed, and I think they might actually catch fish. (Note the one on the top left - the first attempt )

Click the image to open in full size.
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