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Default Re: Lamson Litespeed - what year is this reel?

Originally Posted by FrankB2 View Post
Looks like the model that was just replaced this year, so a 2008-2011.

Edit: That might be two models back: Lamson litespeed - Fly Fishing Forums
It is the original first-generation version of the Litespeed. I have one just like it. It is exactly the same reel as the one that was discontinued in 2011, except for the pattern of the cutouts. However, the very earliest ones did not have stainless steel drag clutches and could seize up in saltwater. Lamson will replace the non-stainless clutch with a stainless one for just the shipping cost if you send it back to the factory. The clutches have different color parts so you can tell them apart. If you call the Lamson 800 customer service line they can tell you which clutch you have.

Mine has done some tough duty on Atlantic salmon over the years and has always performed flawlessly. Like a lot of other large arbor models, one caveat is that, because of the shallow configuration of the spool, you have to be careful to reel your line back in evenly so it doesn't bunch up in one spot and bind against the reel frame.
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