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Default Re: South Platte River Deckers Report

I always look at the report etc from this area...I lived a few miles I am absent...and it sounds like nothing has changed...

I do remember catching it a few times when everyone thought it was packed...and it wasnt...those early july caddis hatches were insane...

I pretty much hiked in the gill trail...and just left deckers alone...too many cool spots in the canyon...and I always enjoyed the hike...I liked thinking up names for my fav spots...echo rock...dinosaur eggs...just for my own amuzement....some of you will know exactly where I am talking about...say hello for me...

a good remedy for many of the so called intruders is this...say hi to them...and give them a fly you tied...all of us...even guys that grew up drinking horse creek water are relatively new...10,000 years is just a blink of the eye to that area...those folks just want to have some of what many of us know about is something of great value...

may the new year bring you all great things...t

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