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Default Re: Question on UV fly finish

One of the other issues I have had with 2 part epoxy is yellowing. That alone is is enough reason for me not to want to use it. Not to mention all of the other draw backs.

Clear Cure Goo (I only keep mentioning this brand becuase it is all I have used so far, I do plan on trying the others so I can compare them) is about 3x as much as the 2 part I used to use. It is WAY more convenient, cleaner, no smell, no yellowing, easier to apply, easier to store, you can add it in layers, you can use it for one fly at a time instead of having to mix a batch of epoxy and rushing to get a group of flies done, no fly turner is needed, if you ever tie on the road or at hotels for example all you need is your uv resin and your light instead of mixing cups, ways to stir the mixture and your fly turner. Also, easier to get bubble free results. After using the stuff, I wouldn't tie another fly that called for epoxy if I didn't have my uv cured stuff. Hands down one of my favorite tying "tools".
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