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Default My real rod weights

Inspired by the recent thread on uplining (and Diver Dan's posts about ERN) I checked out my rods. I didn't have enough new pennies, so I just busted out the trusty digital scale and did it in grams. The results weren't quite what I expected:

Loomis GL2 7'6" 4wt was 90.5g for 1/3 deflection, which is just below the mid-line for 4wts (I was surprised by this because in the Common Cents article the GL2 came up well below the posted wt, I suppose that might come down to the shorter 7'6" length)

Powell SSL 9'0" 6wt was 153.9g, which puts it on the high end of the7wt range.

The Powell was the first rod that I tried to actually learn to cast with and when I first got it I was casting a WF5... that might explain some of the troubles I had trying to get my casting going.
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