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Default Good start for 2013

Had a cardiac angiogram yesterday after flunking a nuclear stress test, and it showed I didn't need another stent, just more exercise to develop some collateral small vessels in my heart. So that is good news.

My buddies Wayne and Paul picked me up last night in Miami and drove me back home. Today Wayne stopped by on his bike to say there were thousands of pilchards at the dock and Paul wanted some, so I grabbed my cast net and walked down there while Wayne went home to get a 55 gal plastic barrel. I haven't seen that many pilchards here in at least 10 years. One side of the dock was solid pilchards the other side had glass minnows on top and pilchards beneath them. Two throws with the cast net got about 100 per throw, then I went back to pack up some real good customer orders and Wayne said he'd be back in an hour to carry them down the stairs for me and would ride down to the post office to carry them in.

I'm not supposed to be lifting anything heavy until the hole made by the hose into the femoral artery heals up.

Then Wayne said he's swing by after dinner figuring the baby tarpon would be in tonight. I was on the phone with a buddy from Edgewater over near Gasparilla Island and 5 minutes later Wayne was back at the house for some leader and a hook having broken off a baby tarpon.

So I snipped a sailfish fly off the rod in the corner and put on a little white popper and went down there with him.

The wind was howling and only one kid was there catching snapper. I got one quick bite, then 15 minutes later a solid hookup on a 40 pounder which made about 4 good jumps off the end of the dock in the dock lights, then headed in, around a finger pier piling then under the finger pier and under two others along with three boats by the time was able the reach around the piling then continue the fight with the rod under water.

Amazingly, the fish didn't go around any of the other numerous pilings and I was able to stop him with the big rod and he obligingly came back out the same way he went under. I really expected the hook to straighten as it was a 1/0 mustad and I was poking the wood to him, but it held until I grabbed his jaw then conveniently fell out by itself, about half straightened. A perfect ending.

Fortunately, the hole in my groin from the hose didn't start leaking. In retrospect, it was not very smart to go down there with a rod. I've never been very good at following doctor's orders, but I think I lucked out. The only downside was that we missed the first half hour of "Fringe" - the only TV show that I like to watch. but I mixed a couple drinks during the commercial and we caught the second half.

Now, if the wind dies tonight, Paul will get out with some live pilchards and should certainly catch some nice mutton snapper tomorrow, as they are inside of the reef around the coral heads now. Since I can see the fillet station from here - you can bet I'll be down there begging for a fillet when he comes in. Mutton snapper is one of the few things I like better than vanilla Hagen Daz topped with home make chocolate sauce.

Ah!!! Life is good.
__________________ Cheers, Jim
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